Q: Do you deliver and pick up the castle?

A: Yes we will deliver the castle to you and set it up at a location of your choosing, please ensure the area is clear of rubbish/animal droppings and we have a clear path from your driveway to the location remembering we need the width of a trolley to get your castle into position. We will also need to connect to a power point within 20-25m of that location, if you wish you can use your own cord and run it to the location you want the castle set up at.

Once the castle is up we will run through our safety and hire agreement with you and process payment if it hasn't already been done.

At the conclusion of your hire time we will come back to pack up and take the castle away.

Please try to ensure the castle is not allowed to be deflated when wet or overly dirty and any rubbish from fun food machines has been cleared away.

Q: Do I need to keep the blower on? / Air is escaping the castle what do I do?

A: Yes the blower is required to keep air inside your castle and it is normal for air to escape through the seams in order for the castle to be bounced on.

Q: Can I use water on your castles?

A: Yes, you may use a small amount of water to spray the castle down if the weather is hot or if the castle gets dirty and you wish to clean it, please do not allow the castle to deflate when wet, it must remain inflated until dry. If you are hiring overnight please be aware that your sprinklers may need to be turned off in order to not saturate the castle.